The problem

Face and object recognition technology in public spaces is based on the assumption that we are all potential criminals. We are therefore recorded when moving around and meeting, our actions are analysed, and our behaviour is predicted. The total loss of anonymity represents a certain loss of our freedom – the awareness that we are under constant surveillance drastically changes our decisions.

Smart surveillance cameras have been installed in the streets of Belgrade without public participation, discussion of consequences, and regardless of the principles provided by the law and the Constitution.

What we know?

  • There will be thousands of them
  • They recognise faces and objects
  • They are already being installed widely
  • There has been no public discussion

What we do not know?

  • Actual needs
  • System security
  • How much they cost
  • Exact number and locations



Cameras record 24/7, with advanced optics detecting faces and objects.

Smart camera models: IPC6625-Z30 IPC6225-VRZ-ES



The feed and information from cameras are monitored by the police in real-time.

Management system: VCN3020



Data and results of the analysis are stored for later needs.

Storage system OceanStor



Advanced analysis and search of faces and objects using pre-given parameters.

Analytics system VCM5020

Map of smart cameras

View Map of smart cameras | #hiljadekamera in a full screen


There are numerous ways in which you can stand up against mass surveillance.

Map the cameras

Take pictures of cameras in you neighbourhood and tweet them with the location using the hashtag #hiljadekamera, or email them to us at [email protected]. The ideal confirmation contains a clear photo of a camera and its location or coordinates. Verified cameras are listed in this spreadsheet.

You can check the models of smart cameras for facial recognition here.

Register or write to us

If you want to participate in future actions or receive occasional news, write to us at [email protected] or register using the form and join the Telegram channel.

Print and put this poster up in your building or your neighbourhood.